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Toygers for Sale

Toygers for Sale

Pricing of toygers for sale and kittens 4 sale depends on the:

1. Quality of the kittens.

2. Parents of the kittens.

3. Type of kittens desired.

Toygers for sale come in three main categories: pet quality, show quality, and breed quality.

The kittens are usually evaluated around five - eight weeks of age. The toygers are priced individually based on how close they meet the toyger cat breed standards.

kittens for saleBreeder quality kittens and toygers may have markings not suitable for the show ring. Examples are:

  • spots
  • ticking
  • coat lacking bright contrast
  • white tail tip
  • other tail faults
  • wrong color paw pads.

These toyger kittens have the pedigree of great toyger cats. With the potential, to produce beautiful offspring. Breed quality toyger kittens can also include the very best of breed. Price $2000 plus.

Pet and Show quality kittens are usually neutered or spayed before leaving the cattery.

toygers for saleShow quality kittens fit the toyger cat breed standard. These cats exhibit the brightest colors, clearest contrast, best mackerel and patterns with little or no spotting. Also, smaller ears, puffy whisker pads, long thick rope tails, and whitened stomachs. Price $1500 plus.

Pet quality kittens usually have faults that are not suitable for breeding programs. These kittens are for loving, not breeding. Some examples of pet quality kittens would be:

  • a 'blue' kitten
  • a coat without glitter
  • too many stripes
  • a lack of dark contrast

Price $500 to $1500.

Usually the price of a kitten includes:

  • 2 vaccines.
  • 2 dewormers.
  • TICA registration papers.
  • Avid micro-chipping.
  • 1-year health guarantee.

toygers 4 saleThere is an estimated additional charge of $300.00 if shipping is involved. This price usually includes the following:

  • airfare.
  • carrier.
  • rabies vaccine.
  • health certificate.

Shipping internationally will cost more depending on the destination.

There are also the Outcross kittens ($300 - $500).

The Breeder page has links to most known breeders. Which link directly to their toygers for sale page.

Also, TICA has a list of cat clubs, catteries and fanciers. The TICA calendar has a list of shows. There may be one in your area. Just click for more information about the show.

This group has a long list of cats for sale with new ones appearing daily.

A few hints and tips for taking photos of your Toyger Cats for Sale

Toygers for Sale 2The domestic cat must be one of the most photographed animals. Who hasn't taken a picture at some time of the family cat?

At first, it is simply to try out the new camera. As time goes on getting a cat in every position seems almost like an obsession! But, who wants to see the umpteenth picture of the cat. Even if it is in a slightly different pose?

Now is the time to improvise and innovate. The family cat can be a source of some great shots. Next time you want to take some decent images of your cat. Think of the following:

The cat hiding behind something, ready to pounce.

Toygers for Sale pic

an action shot, the cat going scatty or engaged in an activity.

a close up get in real close, use macro or close up lenses (and a reflector).

a studio shot keep the background plain and contrasting.

employ a human to be part of the shot the cat walking around stockinged feet or boots.

get a prop a chair, bed, shelf, bench.

focus on detail fur, eyes, teeth.

combine the cat with something appropriate. But unusual - a gigantic ball of wool or a large fluffy mouse

toygers 4 sale 2- cats and kittens are really cute.

get the cat to sit with an unusual contrasting object, on a cycle, with some fruit, in the bath.

I am sure you can think of more. Take lots of images so that you get one that looks the part.

Cats are willing participants and readily available. And you don t need to go outside!

here kitty kitty movie