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TICA Show Calendar

TICA Show Calendar from today to 2020

TICA Clubs: To have your show listed in TICA Trend and Cat Fancy Magazine, please send information to

To have your show listed on the TICA Show Calendar:

  • Additions or corrections to the TICA Show Calendar can be made by sending e-mail to This web page and the show calendar is published in the TICA Trend. You only need to submit your information to one place.
  • The minimum information that we need to list a show on the TICA Show Calendar and in the TICA Trend. The date, name of the club, location (city). Also, the name and phone number and/or e-mail address of a contact person. To be sure your show will be listed in a TICA Trend issue that will arrive before the show. You should submit the information at least four months before the show date.
  • Additional information (judges, entry clerk, entry fees, closing date, etc.) can be filled in later. Don't wait until you have all the judges under contract to get the show listed.
  • TICA Show Calendar entries for shows in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the U.K. are submitted each month to CAT FANCY magazine. The show calendar in CAT FANCY is targeted to spectators, not exhibitors. Their assistant editor has requested that we provide the street address and ZIP/POSTAL CODE of the show hall. The hours that the show will be open to the public (which may or may not be the same as your "posted show hours"). You must submit information four months before the show date to be listed in CAT FANCY.
  • Only TICA-licensed shows, or shows sponsored by TICA-chartered clubs that will be obtaining a TICA license, may be listed.